Links to Statistical Resources in the Bay Area and Beyond

Local Universities with Statistics Departments or Programs

California State University, East Bay

Department of Statistics Home Page

Stanford University

Web site of the Department of Statistics

University of California, Berkeley

†††††††† Web site of the Department

University of California, Davis

Division of Statistics Home Page

University of California, San Francisco

Web site of the Division of Biostatistics .

University of California, Santa Cruz†††

†††††††† Web Site Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics


Bay Area Data Sources

Association of Bay Area Governments Regional Data Center

Bay Area demographic data

U.S. Census Data at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Extensive collection of U.S Census data

Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive

Specializing in computational algorithms for economics

Cyber Security Degrees

†††††††† Cyber Security Degrees - Concentration of educational enrollment options for STEM students with multiple degree levels


Other Statistical Groups - Bay Area and Beyond

Bay Area Bayesians

This is a Bayesian Statistics interest group for the San Francisco Bay Area. We will have a mix of talks, training sessions, and other events based on member interest.

Bay Area SAS Users' Group (BASAS)

Bay Area resources for SAS programmers.

SAS Users' Group International (SUGI)

National and international resources for SAS programmers.

†††††††† Bay Area UseRGroup (R programming language)




American Statistical Association

Web site of the national organization

Sacramento ASA Chapter

Nearby chapter featuring job listings and more links

Other ASA chapters

List of ASA chapters maintained by the national organization




Links to Other Links

Each of the sites below maintains lists of links to many statistics-related sites.


Links to schools with masterís degree in data science


Archive of statistical software,datasets and information with an extensive listing of links to other statistical sites


The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics


Listing of statistics servers, links and information maintained by the University of Florida Department


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