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Other places to look for job listings:

ASA Careers site, ASA Job Web and ASA Job Web Ads

TheWWW Virtual Library: Statistics: Job Announcements

Job listing maintained by the University of Florida Department of Statistics 

Bioinsource, Inc.

A staff searching firm in San Francisco

American Mathematical Society - Employment Information and Services

Mathematics and statistics postings and e-mail service 

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Job Openings in Academe

Mostly academic job listings, searchable by type and region 

Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University - Statistics Employers

Emphasizing industry jobs and featuring a list of companies employing MS and PhD statisticians 

U.S. Federal Government Job Database

Database of federal government positions searchable by job title. Two titles of interest: 

Mathematical Statistical


Statistician Bay Area's SAS User's Group Online Has postings for contract and permanent SAS programmers, mainly in the Bay Area 

Advanced Technical Resources, Inc  

Full service staffing for Technology-based organizations.

Life Science Recruiter Has postings for biostatisticians, some in the San Francisco Bay Area

 Assent Consulting Has postings for SAS programmers and biostatisticians  Has postings for statistics jobs and SAS programmers Has postings for statistics jobs

To post a job opening:

Follow this link for instructions on how to post job openings on this page, or send an e-mail message to the webmaster at for additional information. 

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