Conference Program - Day 3

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Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

8:00am - 9:00am

Complimentary Breakfast (Lobby)

9:00am - 10:00am

Keynote Speech by Dr. Robert Gentleman (Salon F)

10:00am - 10:20am

Coffee Break (Lobby)

10:20am - 12:00pm

Epigenome and RNA-seq Data Analysis (Salon F)

Data Mining and Feature Extraction in Biomedical Applications (Salon G-J)

Genome Reconstruction with ShRec3D+ and Hi-C Data
(Xiaodan Li et al)

A Semi-parametric Statistical Model for Integrating Gene Expression Profiles across Different Platforms
(Qunhua Li et al)

A Full Bayesian Partition Model for Identifying Hypo- and Hyper-methylated Loci from Single Nucleotide Resolution Sequencing Data
(Jing Qiu et al)

Weakly Supervised Learning of Biomedical Information Extraction from Curated Data
(Chun-Nam Hsu et al)

A Tale of Two Gene Sets: Low and High Variability in Single Cell RNA-Seq Data
(Anagha Joshi et al)

hc-OTU: A Fast Homopolymer Compaction-Based Operation Taxonomic Unit Clustering Algorithm
(Sungroh Yoon et al)

Medoidshift Clustering Applied to Genomic Bulk Tumor Data
(Russell Schwartz et al)

12:00pm -1:00pm

Complimentary Lunch (Lobby)

1:00pm -2:15pm

Epigenome (Salon G-J)

RNA-Seq Data Analysis (Salon F)

Predicting Transcription Factor Site Occupancy using DNA Sequence Intrinsic and Cell-Type Specific Chromatin Features
(Philipp Bucher et al)

A Bayesian approach for estimating allele-specific expression from RNA-Seq data with diploid genomes
(Naoki Nariai et al)

Epigenome Overlap Measure (EpOM) for Comparing Tissue/Cell Types based on Chromatin States
(Jingyi Jessica Li et al)

A Non-Negative Matrix Factorization based Preselection Procedure for More Accurate Isoform Discovery from RNA-Seq Data
(Jingyi Jessica Li et al)

MOCCS: Clarifying DNA-binding Motif Ambiguity using ChIP-Seq Data
(Haruka Ozaki et al)

RDDpred: A Condition-Specific RNA-Editing Prediction Model from RNA-Seq Data
(Sun Kim et al)

2:15pm -2:30pm

Coffee Break (Lobby)

2:30pm -3:30pm

Keynote Speech by Dr. Wing Hung Wong (Salon F)

3:30pm -4:00pm

Closing Remarks, Award Ceremony and Raffle Drawing (See You Next Year!)