Conference Program - Day 2

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Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

7:45am -8:30am

Complimentary Breakfast (Lobby)

8:30am -9:30am

Keynote Speech by Dr. Rasmus Nielsen
Finding the Footprints of Evolutionary Adaptation in the Human Genome. (Salon F)

9:30am -9:50am

Coffee Break (Lobby)

9:50am -12:10pm

Protein Function and Statistical Methodology Development (Salon G-J)

Panel Discussion for Career Development presented by Peking University Alumni (Salon F)

Protein Inference: A Protein Quantification Perspective
(Zengyou He et al)

Panelist: Dr. Fengzhu Sun

Predicting the Absorption Potential of Chemical Compounds through Deep-Learning Approach
(Moonshik Shin et al)

Panelist: Dr. Jing Huang

Multi-Instance Multi-Label Distance Metric Learning for Genome-Wide Protein Function Prediction
(Qingyao Wu et al)

Panelist: Dr. Jie Peng

Power Estimation and Sample Size Determination for Replication Studies of Genome-Wide Association Studies
(Weichuan Yu et al)

Panelist: Dr. Xinmin Zhang

Protein-protein Interface Residues Share Similar Hexagon Neighborhood Conformations
(Lusheng Wang et al)

Panelist: Dr. Minghua Deng

12:10pm -1:30pm

Complimentary Lunch (Salon E)

1:30pm -3:10pm

Optimize Genomic Information in Sequencing Data (Salon F)

Protein Function (Salon G-J)

Identifying Micro-Inversions using High-Throughput Sequencing Reads
(Huaiqiu Zhu et al)

SOHSite: Incorporating Evolutionary Information and Physicochemical Properties to Identify Protein S-sulfenylation Sites
(Tzong-Yi Lee et al)

Locating Rearrangement Events in a Phylogeny based on Highly Fragmented Assemblies
(David Sankoff et al)

PredRSA: A Gradient Boosted Regression Trees Approach for Predicting Protein Solvent Accessibility
(Lei Deng et al)

Codon Context Optimization in Synthetic Gene Design
(Georgios Papamichail et al)

A New Scheme to Discover Functional Associations and Regulatory Networks of Protein Ubiquitination
(Shun-Long Weng et al)

A Maximum-likelihood Approach for Building Cell-Type Trees by Lifting
(Bernard M.E. Moret et al)

Incorporating Two-Layered Machine Learning Method with Substrate Motifs to Identify Lysine Ubiquitination Sites
(Shun-Long Weng et al )

3:10pm -3:30pm

Coffee Break (Lobby)

3:30pm -5:10pm

Algorithm Development and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine (Salon F)

Metagenome and Trans-omits (Salon G-J)

Drug Repositioning Discovery for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Topological Graph Theory
(Ka-Lok Ng et al)

Comprehensive Prediction of lncRNA–RNA Interactions in Human Transcriptome
(Michiaki Hamada et al)

PDOD: Prediction of Drugs Having Opposite Effects on Disease Genes in a Directed Network
(Doheon Lee et al)

Computational Prediction of CRISPR Cassettes in Gut Metagenome Samples from Chinese Type-2 Diabetic Patients and Healthy Controls
(Xuegong Zhang et al)

Algorithmic Mapping and Characterization of the Drug-Induced Phenotypic-Response Space of Parasites Causing Schistosomiasis
(Rahul Singh et al)

Learning a Hierarchical Representation of the Yeast Transcriptomic Machinery using an Autoencoder Model
(Xinghua Lu et al)

Inference of Domain-Disease Associations from Domain-Protein, Protein-Disease and Disease-Disease Relationships
(Fengzhu Sun et al)

Transcriptome Sequencing Based Annotation and Homologous Evidence Based Scaffolding of Anguilla Japonica Draft Genome
(Chung-Der Hsiao et al)

5:10pm -6:30pm

Poster Session II/ Exhibition (Salon A-E)

6:30pm -8:30pm

On-site Banquet with Dinner Speech
(open and complimentary to all registered attendees, Salon F)
Speaker: Dr. Neil Risch