A Career as a Statistician

Career Development Panel by SFASA

This November, SFASA will host a dinner event with a panel discussion on career development. The goal is to give our members, particularly budding statisticians, some practical guide on making the right choice for their career, and how to be successful and happy in their current position. A panel of well established statisticians will answer questions, alleviate concerns, and clarify confusions each attendee may have. This event will also serve as a great venue for social networking among our members.

When, Where and How

  • Where: 7000 Shoreline Court, 1st floor dining hall, South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • When: Nov 9th, 6-8 pm
    • 6:00pm - 6:30pm Dinner and Social Networking
    • 6:30pm - 7:45pm Panel Discussion
    • 7:45pm - Beyond Social Networking
  • Price: Free to all current SFASA members. You are welcome to join the chapter on site. Regular membership fee is $9 and student membership is $3 per year. Please have a check of the amount due paid to SFASA (annual membership fee) and a photo ID ready for this purpose. If paying by cash, please have the exact amount.
  • Food: Complimentary Food & Beverage will be served. FREE PIZZA!
  • How to Register: pre-registration is required for this event. Please send an email to sfasaofficers@gmail.com by Nov 6th 12pm PST with the following information
    • Name, and current affiliation
    • Are you a current member or plan to renew the membership/join the chapter on site
    • Do you have any questions you particularly want to ask the panelists (optional)

Some Potential Questions

Land Your First Job

Is there a perfect first job for new graduates? What quality should I be looking for?

Statistians Vs the World

Have you ever struggled to be assertive yet friendly when explaining statistical jargons to co-workers from other disciplines?

Industry Vs Academia

Do you want to know the differences between a job in industry vs academia, and which one would better fit you?

Job Interview

How to prepare myself for a job interview?


Are you an entrepreneur at heart, eager to start your own business but don’t know where to begin?

Startup Vs Corporation

Are you debating between joining a successful large corporation versus a highly promising start-up?

If you have any of these questions above, this event is perfect for YOU! A panel of highly successful statisticians is here to answer questions just like these. They each have a fascinating story to tell and are holding a wide range of positions. Please join us for a wonderful evening at South San Francisco to enjoy delicious food and enlightening conversations. We look forward seeing you on the evening of Nov 9th.


Click the panelist picture for their bio.