San Francisco Chapter of the American Statistical Association Seminar



Gregory E Alexander, Director of Biostatistics, Genomic Health, Inc.


May 12th, 2015  

4:30-6:00pm (4:30-5:00 networking/refreshment; 5:00-6:00 seminar)


Genomic Health campus, Buzz Conference room

101 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA


Comparisons of statistical modeling, simulation, and experimental data from genomic assays




An assessment of the impact of interfering substances on an assay is often needed as part of the validation process. In the case of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based assay used to quantitate RNA expression, we model the effects of genomic DNA on individual assays and on composite scores formed by aggregating over a collection of gene assays.  Modeling and simulations suggest a somewhat non-intuitive result, which is largely confirmed by actual experimental data.  In a second example we explore ways to aggregate large number DNA markers derived through next generation sequencing (NGS) and compare results applied to simulated data to results from actual sequencing experiments. An overview of PCR and NGS analytical methods will be provided, however attendees may benefit from prior review of these methodologies.


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The conference room is located in the building at 101 Galveston Drive from main entrance. Upon arrival please check in at Reception and receive a visitorŐs badge.  Reception staff will assist with directing to Buzz conference room and there will be directional signs along the walking path. Pre-registration with SFASA will be highly recommended to expedite the check-in process.

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