San Francisco Chapter of the American Statistical Association June Seminar

2015 JSM Student Travel Awards


Please join us to congratulate the winners of 2015 JSM Student Travel Awards at our annual travel awards presentation seminar on Jun. 1st at Evans Hall, UC Berkeley.






Jun. 1st Monday

4-5:30 pm Presentations

5:30-6:00 pm Social Networking











& Titles:


Linxi Liu (3rd place winner)

Title: Convergence rate of a class of multivariate density estimators

based on adaptive partitioning


Tony Pourmohamad (3rd place winner)

Title: Multivariate Stochastic Process Models for Joint Regression and Classification


Alex Luedtke (3rd place winner)

Title: Statistical Inference for the Mean Outcome Under a Possibly Non-Unique Optimal Treatment Strategy


Alex Pankov (2nd place winner)












Title: Generating data-driven ROIs for quantifying structural brain changes in frontotemporal dementia


Adam Bloniarz (2nd place winner)

Title: Distributed Random Forests


Carolyn Cotterman (1st place winner)

Title: Statistical Methods for Predicting Dengue Diagnosis using Clinical and LCMS Data












UC Berkeley room 1011 Evans Hall

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