San Francisco Chapter of the American Statistical Association Seminar


Speaker:     Joseph Richards, Head of Data Science,, Inc.

Title:  Machine Learning in the Real World

Thursday 27 February

4:30 coffee/socializing


5-6 Talk





The past decade has seen an exponential increase in our ability to collect, store and query data.  Yet, few companies and research groups have begun to employ modern statistical learning techniques to actually extract value from their data.  In this talk, I'll describe my quest to empower non-experts with the capabilities of advanced machine learning (ML): first in the field of astrophysics where I have applied ML to build end-to-end solutions for object discovery & classification, and subsequently as a co-founder of, where we are building ML-powered applications for business users.  I'll discuss the challenges of deploying machine learning on real-world data and describe how we are making it easier to build end-to-end ML-powered applications. Finally, I'll touch on some of the innovations that we're making at to push the frontiers of accuracy, interpretability, speed & scalability of supervised machine learning.



UCSF China Basin campus, room 6704 (Directions are available here at the following link following directions to the Classrooms.