San Francisco Chapter of the American Statistical Association Seminar


Date: April 16th 4:30-6:00PM

Speaker: Weng Kee Wong, PhD

Department of Biostatistics

Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA


Title: Using Animal Instincts to Find Efficient Experimental Designs


I first present a brief overview of optimal design methodology. Particle swarm optimization (PSO), as a general optimization tool, is then introduced to find optimal designs for potentially any model and any design criterion.  The method works quite magically and frequently finds the optimal design or a nearly optimal design in an efficient way.  There is virtually no explicit assumption required for the method to perform well and the user only needs to input a few easy tuning parameters in the PSO algorithm. 

Using popular models from the biological and pharmaceutical sciences as examples, I demonstrate how PSO finds different types of optimal experimental designs for various dose response studies, including maxi-min or mini-max types of optimal designs, where effective algorithms for searching them have remained elusive until now. 




South Science Building Room 149 (in short SC-S 149), Cal State University at East Bay (Hayward Hills Campus)


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